Big Bam You’ve Got Your Bow


First seen available to buy online in my Etsy shop. This season see’s the launch of a brand new tartan bow collection of hair accessories. ‘Big Bam, You’ve Got Your Bow’, featuring all of my Scottish Highland favourites. My take on fashion is fun, quirky with cutting-edge style ‘once seen never forgotten’

Branded an award-winning fashion hair accessories label using unmissible colourful choices of luxury stylish tartan plaid from deep in the heart of the Highlands Of Scotland.

Many sleepless nights were spent with excitement for these, showcasing in true fashionista street-style, I’m my own best customer and advertising board, my love for tartan is endless, as you can see wearing Vivienne Westwood everyday my wardrobe is homage to our Dame of British fashion.

You guessed it! you can link with me here via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook where you’ll find me clogging up your daily news feed. Check me out! city girl living has it’s perks with some amazing street – artists ( Jimmy C ) sure has brightened my day. A feature at the known village The Custard Factory in support of Birmingham’s City Of Colours (well worth a visit)

So let’s pitch this…One word ‘Bows’ who knew I was arriving??? word has it on the street I don’t do things by halves, if your going to wear a bow, make sure its a ‘big’ one. They’re pretty cool, easy to wear mounted onto a lightweight flexible satin covered plastic headband for style of comfort, bow measures approx eight inches by five inches. When you see them, you’ll know it’s Hattie’s.

These are set to storm my new look website here at Hattie HQ coming very soon. I’ll leave you with a few daily posts out and about, a colourful life I live.

See you there… TTFN


In our ‘City Of Colours’ we can be whoever we want to be… Big Bam Tartan Bow – House Of Harrie Hattie, outfit of the day wearing Vivienne Westwood Climate Revolution square tee, odd socks which I love are Japanese label, Scottish tartan kilt and to complete the look a pair of gold Tracey Trainers. Big shout out to Jimmy C, an amazing piece of artwork. Go check all the graffiti out folks! it’s unmissible


Big Bam You’ve Got Your Bow – The new tartan hair bow collection are set to storm my online fashion hair accessories


One word ‘ Bows’ who knew I was arriving ?? Today’s choice my orange/black tartan big bow- outfit Vivienne Westwood orange pirate squiggle shirt…just perfect!


Bows & Boots for this shot – Vivienne’s bondage boots, I blend all into one… top colour choice Lise, Boss lady at Worlds End (friend) gave me the heads up for this orange pirate squiggle shirt, teamed with my big bow…I’ve met my match


Once seen, never forgotten …walk this way! TTFN


Launching the NEW collection of tartan big bows is set to storm my line of fashion hair accessories… Remember you saw them here 1st …’Big Bam You’ve Got Your Bow’

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