Vivienne Westwood – A Look Inside My Wardrobe


Vivienne Westwood – A Look Inside My Wardrobe

You’ve seen my accessories and you’ve met my beautiful Hattie ladies… pretty much through social media, I blast you everyday, if you follow me on Instagram, facebook and Twitter (pluggin it!) for the first time here, I’m sharing with you my very own style guide, wearing ‘Vivienne Westwood – A Look Inside My Wardrobe’

My collection spans over twenty five years, wearing Westwood, I still own my very first skirt that I bought at the age of thirteen and it fits! ‘Buy Less Choose Well’ as my friend Alquin bares all (cheeky). There isn’t much I don’t know about the famous Worlds End at Kings Rd (I’m there next week) formerly known as ‘Let It Rock, SEX, Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die and Seditionaries  with Malcolm McLaren, the rise of The Sex Pistols and all The Collections, that’s another blog waiting to be told. Sadly I was born ten years too late but the influence and inspiration which I see through Vivienne, it was only a matter of time the missing jigsaw piece would find its place,  I would create to compliment all of my outfits matching tartan accessories.

I’ve never felt the need or desire to fit in. At times I can feel misunderstood but in a good way, if that makes sense. If I can influence people to be happy, explore their individuality, to express themselves with confidence, then so be it! wear what you will and at the same time make a statement ‘Climate Revolution’

There’s no book, trust me fashion is fun!

Which leads me here

Enjoy my #ootd #outfitoftheday you know the drill

Love Hattie Xx


Outfit – Vivienne Westwood Gold Label jacket & Red Label tartan bustle trousers, a collection of badges at Worlds End. Tartan headpiece as seen at House Of Harrie Hattie


Outfit – Vivienne Westwood Red Label heart jacket & matching drunken shorts, Gold Label bondage boots, Do It Yourself socks, swinging a tartan bag


The look of The Highlands. Outfit- Vivienne Westwood Red Label cardigan, pirate boots featuring my Highland Tartan Signature Bow Headpiece as seen at House Of Harrie Hattie


Outfit – Vivienne Westwood Cut & Slash jacket, pirate squiggle top, Japanese Label hosiery, winter tartan exhibition derby bag, Gold Label sack boots, headscarf my own


Big Bam Bow! New for 2015 leading the way with my collection of tartan headscarves. Outfit – Vivienne Westwood Anglomania tartan jacket, propaganda t-shirt at Worlds End, bag – Climate Revolution, pirate boots, Japanese Label hosiery ( sent by a dear friend) tartan shorts vintage made in Scotland…a bargain!


Outfit – Full on day wearing my much loved Active Resistance cap, pirate squiggle top with matching pirate boots at Worlds End…not forgetting the pirate squiggle bag!


Outfit – It’s a winner wearing Vivienne Westwood SeaMonster dress, Gold Label bondage boots. Voila…my award winning Highland Tartan Headpiece as seen at House Of Harrie Hattie


Fun at the fair – Outfit Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Climate Revolution t-shirt and union jack drunken shorts


Clash of the tartans – Outfit Vivienne Westwood Gold Label jacket, Climate Revolution t-shirt and those tartan bows of mine as seen at House Of Harrie Hattie


My Queen She Stole My Heart – Outfit Vivienne Westwood Climate Revolution Cape. I must be mad standing in a stream


Big Bam Bow ! New for 2015 my tartan headscarves. Leading the way at House Of Harrie Hattie. Outfit – Vivienne Westwood Anglomania jacket, Propaganda t-shirt, pirate boots, vintage shorts made in Scotland… A bargain!


You can never have enough pirate squiggle. A-hoy the Westwood clan! Matching red squiggle pirate boots and socks an iconic classic at Westwood Worlds End


Never a dull day. Meet Hattie here’s a #selfie Xx

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